Project organisation






Project management

The activity will guarantee the project management and co-ordination of the project activities including the co-ordination with the Commission (Day to day project management, Consortium agreement set-ting up management, IPR management and protection, dissemination and exploitation management etc).


Overall system concept and requirements

Identify the global perspective of the change induced in the robot industry by the penetration of the proposed embedded system technology. Define the ARFLEX functional requirements and system specifications starting from typical robot operating analysis. Identify the basic needs to be fulfilled for the intervention with the required precisions, especially with regard to the basic sensor and actuators. Specify the preliminary mechanical designs and embedded systems layout design.


ARFLEX control system development

Development of the ARFLEX control system design and related algorithms including those for robot dynamics simulation, based on selected operation scenarios.


Visual and other key sensor components design

Definition of the ARFLEX sensor system, its interfaces to other system components, integrating data from different sensors and calibration procedures, with special attention to visual sensors.


Embedded system technologies and SW/HW design

To identify and design an embedded (sub)system addressing the overall system functional requirements. To propose a detailed hw/sw architecture that: meet requirements, can be reused in larger contexts, and be cost effective, given the lower production rates of the robotic industry. The embedded system will be designed top down using a layered approach that hides implementation details of the hw from the functional abstraction at sw level. Special attention will be given to the integration of the sensor technologies and to the use of standardized hw and sw components and interfaces.


System operation and reliability assessment on simulator

Checking the congruence of the design of the global system and of the individual subsystems. Verifying the safety performance level achieved on a demonstrator simulator. Testing the overall performance of the system for a number of significant simulated  operating scenarios.


Design and integration of a robot prototype

For the chosen robot case, to review and finalize the control design, all the novelties suggested by the embedded design technologies and the proposals made by the partners responsible for sensors and actuators. Providing a prototype ready for evaluation.


Demonstrator robot prototype

To evaluate the System Concept initially proposed in WP1 through a demonstration of an industrial robot used in real conditions.


Embedded design for large robot market impact

To investigate the potential and benefits of diffusion of the new ARFLEX concepts. To integrate and generalise project results, to crystallize objective quantitative benefits of the new technology by investigating most promising short and long term applications taking into account critical automation problems, especially in SME production sectors. To analyse the economical impacts in the form of global business plans. To identify ways and means to disseminate novel embedded and reconfigurable technology in the industrial sector for various productions systems, as well as to extend the project development to service robotic systems (for both industrial and non-industrial applications) and other related automation and control systems. To establish cooperation with other ongoing research activities in developing and promoting new integrated control techniques.