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Headquarter in Milan neighbourhood (Italy). It is a high technology Consulting and Design Services Company for the realization of Customerís electronic devices. Established in 1993 as joint venture between ST Microelectronics and Cadence Design Systems, it is a fully independent company in terms of operation, customers, products and technologies.

ACCENT is the number one System on Chip (SoC) realization Design House in Italy, and among the top six in Europe: it is a world-leader in ARM-based designs and Deep Sub Micron layout services, with customers all over Europe, and in the USA.

ACCENT services focus on SoC design and range from product architecture definition to ASIC tape-out, integrating the most popular micro-controllers (ARM, ARC, MIPS, etc.) and DSPs, in a variety of established architectures, I/O peripherals (USB, LAN, PCI, Audio and Video engines, etc.), memories, mixed signal IPs and RF blocks.

ACCENTís team of high level design specialists has a wide range of hardware and software expertise, including mastering of the most advanced EDA tools, and a well established track record in the design and integration of complex ICs and SoC devices.

Activities in the ARFLEX project

The main ACCENT background I.P. that will be contributed to the project are foreseen in this phase to be its following know-how and design information:

      methodology for embedded system design, protocol stacks design, operating system and IP integration, System on Chip architecture, HW modelling, HDL description, analog and digital IC physical design, electronic board design;

      design and documentation of hardware components that may be used in the ARFLEX project.

Exploitation plans

In addition to work with COMAU on the industrialization of the embedded system resulting from the prototype developed in the project, for their new generation of robots, ACCENT plans to create a reusable hardware platform that builds on the results of the project and addresses a larger market in the industrial automation industry, leading to further business opportunities for customisation services and low volume production of IC components and subsystems.

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