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Actuation and Control Technologies S.r.l. - ACTUA - is founded in September 2005 as spin-off of the Laboratorio di Meccatronica of the Politecnico di Torino and a  entrepreneur in the field of electronics components and instrumentation.

ACTUA provides products, solutions and services for the development and production of mechatronic systems. Its core expertise is the design and productions of the digital core of such systems and in their related sensing and actuating parts.

ACTUA flagship product, EKU, is a high performance digital platform based on  a combination of programmable devices - a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) - as well as a Hard Real - Time Operating System (HRTOS) and a non-intrusive Real-Time Control Suite of tools (downloader, profiler, scope and tuner). Together with a number of power modules (from 500 W to 40 kW), the EKU realizes a high performane Actuation Control Unit. EKUs can be part of standard networks, for instance CAN Bus or FlexRay, can be gridded together (up to eight) can be put in "tandem" with a PC under Linux RTAI.

ACTUA products are meant to be used as part of small series industrial products as well as industrial prototypes, i.e. technological as well as functional prototypes. Industrial prototypes are characterised by the high degree of reusability of programmable devices (DSP & FPGA) as well as relative prototyped code for the final product.

ACTUA has devoted most of the past two years to refine its hardware and software products applying them to a number of real cases in industrial automation, automotive, naval as well as aeronautical applications.

In 2008 ACTUA will start the distribution of its products by means of a network of companies in Switzerland, Germany, France, England, and worldwide on Internet   

Activities in the ARFLEX project

The ACTUA is going to contribute to ARFLEX with the design and the development of the hardware related to the ARFLEX smart camera, while the image processinge software will be delivered by EICAS.

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Spin-off of the Laboratorio di Meccatronica of the Politecnico di Torino and a entrepreneur in the field of electronics components and instrumentation.  

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