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Located in Winterthur, (CH), the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (IMS) is a research and development centre at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHW). 

The Institute is integrated at the ZHW into the department of Technology, Computer Science and Natural Science. Its staff consists of lecturers, research engineers, assistants and technicians. 

With their competence and experience in interdisciplinary work, they are responsible for an innovative, professional, systematic and accurate realization of projects for, or in partnership with, industry. A well-developed and efficient infrastructure is at their disposal. 

IMS is involved in many research projects, with some quite relevant for the ARFLEX development.

Activities in the ARFLEX project

Sensor guided robot systems and devices represent a major field of activities of the IMS. 

At present, research is done in the field of robot assisted assembly systems, with focus on assembly systems for welding parts. 

The results represent a major ARFLEX related pre-existing IPR of the IMS. Research and development topics of current research projects consist further of operating-strategies and the user-interface. 

In addition, problems of geometrical part coupling constraints are investigated. Know-how and competencies in the design of command units and HMI have been built up.

Besides IPR coming from ARFLEX-related preceding R&D-activities, the IMS inputs broad mechatronical experience from various sensor guided robot system projects and controller system development.

Exploitation plans

IMS will exploit the ARFLEX project results in form of by applying them in industry-related research and development projects. 

Empowered by project results, IMS will predominantly address needs of SMEs for solutions that increase the productivity for low size production lots, in particular. 

Concepts and concrete solution elements will by such R&D-projects be disseminated, in cooperation with the SMEs partners. 

Additionally ARFLEX will thrive to sustain a state-of-the art-level of lecturing and lecturers in the robotics and mechatronics classes for diploma students and for continued education students at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Results will also be presented in technical papers for regional and international conferences and journals.

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