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Located in Berlin, the Fraunhofer-Institute for Produktionsanlagen und Konstruktionstechnik, (about 110 scientist) is one of the Institutes of FhG e.V. and works in the fields of Automation and Robotics, Corporate Management, Product Manufacturing, Security and Testing Systems, and Virtual Product Development. 

Recently the Department for Assistant Systems for Medicine has been founded. In the ARFLEX project, the Automation and Robotics Division (AR) of the IPK is involved. 

This division has been active in the field of robotics and mechatronics since 1976, the founding year of the institute. The team has experience in all areas of robotics, from space application via industrial robotics to service robotics. The R&D Team was and still is involved in many national and international projects. 

In cooperation with partners from industry, research results are transferred to industrial practice. In the last 20 years the IPK participated in more than 100 EU projects. Many recent/running research projects are closely related to the ARFLEX project development.

Activities in the ARFLEX project

The IPK brings to the project background knowledge in the following areas, which require previous IPR considerations:

·      SW modules for force sensors compliance and control integrations;

·      force-based robot control simulation and design tools.

Other know-how and expertise of IPK lie in the fields of sensor-based robot control, industrial real-time control, automation, modelling and simulation of technological processes, human-robot inter-action, etc., which will serve as base for performing research and do not require consideration of IPR topics.

Exploitation plans

According to the main mission of Fraunhofer Institutes (to transfer new technology to industrial sectors, especially to SME’s), the ARFLEX results will be used at IPK to transfer novel ARFLEX technology to large industrial robot sectors, which will include robot producers, component suppliers, system integrators, end-users etc., and cover a bread range of innovative robot applications (e.g., laser welding, assembly, robot assistants etc.).

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