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Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia is the leading Slovene research institute working on a broad spectrum of basic and applied research in the fields of natural sciences and technology. 

The Institute is closely connected with the two Slovene universities, (Ljubljana and Maribor). The participation to the ARFLEX project will be assured by the Computer Systems Department which covers a broad range of research areas all connected to system design, like: computer vision and pattern recognition, real-time and embedded computer systems, optimisation algorithms, electronic design and test, processor architecture.

Besides scientific work, the Department is oriented in practical applications, carried out various applicative projects, as well as several EU projects. Currently our department participates in the FP5 project EuNICEtest (European Network for Initial and Continuing Education in VLSI/SOC Testing using remote ATE facilities).

Activities in the ARFLEX project

JSI CSD scientific background usable in the ARFLEX project encompasses image processing algorithms, vision system integration, visual servoing, real time and embedded systems. CSD has experience in practical applications, carried out various applicative projects, as well as several EU projects.

JSI expects to hold the IPR for the algorithms contributed to ARFLEX project.

JSI CSD expects from the ARFLEX project to put in life some research issues that were actively explored in the last few years, to develop additional skills and knowledge in the areas of sensor data processing and fusion algorithms, to promote a visual robot control, and to produce a clearer understanding of the limits of the vision control technology thus motivating industrial users.

Exploitation plans

JSI intends to use the results of the ARFLEX project in future projects on European and national level, in future scientific research, in research papers as empirical evidence supporting theory, and in attempts to trace the route to potential industrial partners by applying the general system architecture proposed by ARFLEX project to specific cases.

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