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The University of Antwerp (Belgium) is a Flemish University with an international orientation. 

To the ARFLEX project will participate PATS (Performance Analysis of Telecommunication Systems), a Research Group of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. 

PATS have been acting in various fields concerning, e.g., the analysis and design of advanced multiservice networks, optical networking and node architectures, the modelling and optimisation of computer and communications systems. 

The researchers in the PATS group have been acting in fields such as embedded systems design, distributed systems and fault tolerance computing for more than a decade and have taken part in several European and national funded Projects. 

In such frameworks they have developed a middleware architecture, a model and a custom language to reconfigure dynamically run-time error recovery strategies depending on the varying environmental conditions and without intruding error recovery code in the target service application.

Activities in the ARFLEX project

The UA is going to contribute to ARFLEX mainly with a custom communication middleware. UA will not make use of any pre-existing software component for the development of the ARFLEX middleware, but intends to reserve its IPR for the resulting software package.

Exploitation plans

As an educational and research Institution, the UA is going to exploit the ARFLEX results mainly in two directions: internally, proposing seminars and Universitary courses at doctorate level, and externally, by dissemination of their results in the form of research papers.

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